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Earthquakes last a few seconds but in that time it can change people’s lives forever. Earthquake in Nepal is a fact of life and we must accept this fact. We cannot prevent an earthquake from happening but we can prepare for one.

Preparation saves lives and eases hardships during the aftermath. It therefore becomes one’s responsibility to plan ahead and prepare for such an eventuality. 

The survival kit we have assembled will help you during the most difficult and chaotic period as essential services will be overwhelmed or non-existent.

In addition to the survival kit, we advise you to stock up on non perishable food and water which must be rotated on a regular basis. Keep extra pairs of prescription glasses and any medications that you might use in the container.

The kit is weatherproof and can be stored outside. Identify a suitable place where debris will not cover it and where you can reach it easily.

There are two different kits depending on the contents. The survival kit is contained in a strong high density polythene barrel which is weatherproof. We keep a record of the medicine expiry date and will update it on a regular basis.